Australian Surrealism

Dangar Island is a blissfully remote community just an hour north from Sydney. There, overlooking the Hawkesbury River, you will find our modern Dangar Island House. Each bedroom is decorated with an eclectic collection of one of a kind vintage pieces and eye catching art and furnishings, but the collection of black and white images by the artist, Greg Geraghty kept us lingering a little bit longer.

We spoke to the owner and stylist, David Harrison, who told us his wife Karen was the one responsible for finding these collection… “What I liked about the artworks was their dadaist nature – the use of old newsprint and black and white images to create a new image with a strong 3-D component. The frames are actually quite shallow but the objects are cut up and combined in such a way as to look much deeper. I bought them on the spot on a trip to Adelaide, Australia, after a quick call to my husband and we still love them just as much 8 years later”.

We love the way each piece complements the other and are definitely intrigued by the practice of placing random images together to spark new ways of seeing the world.


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