Found - January 16, 2018

Found: Antique Oil Paintings at Captains Rest

By Mariana Campbell

Captains Rest in Tasmania, Australia, is a cozy coop located in a village of waterfront cottages and filled with an adorable medley of objects. Inside, we found a collection of antique oil paintings that write stories on the cottage’s walls.

Sarah Andrews, the owner, started collecting the paintings on her travels, wandering and sailing around the globe, falling in love with expensive, perfect, and cared-for pieces as well as with doodles found in the bottom of a thrift-store bin. Some paintings are gifts from international travelers who have stayed at the cottage; some were spotted in faraway places online and had to travel to their new home at the bottom of the world.

The collection used to be larger; however most of the paintings were kept on Sarah’s boat and lost when it sank off the coast of Mexico in 2008. “I had the intelligence to send those home I couldn’t fit on the walls when I ran out of space,” she tells us, “and this little collection is most of what remained. It is starting to grow again, with gifts and new purchases. Lots of wise old faces and scenes from another time and place watching over the comings and goings.”

According to Sarah, there is something about old paintings and portraits that adds mystery and history. “I love imagining who might have painted these and why,” she says. “So many stories about them I could make up in my head!”

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